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  • Bai shi
    Bai shi
  • Fei cui gong zhu
    Fei cui gong zhu
  • Fei long zai tian
    Fei long zai tian
  • Ji xiang 8
    Ji xiang 8
  • Magical stacks
    Magical stacks
  • Sun wukong
    Sun wukong
  • Zhao cai jin bao jackpot
    Zhao cai jin bao jackpot


Get to know online games from the Far East

Online games in an Asian design and with Asian themes are trendy. Many gambling sites offer different types of Asian online casino games such as pachinko, mahjong, sic bo and other Asian themed slot machines. In online pachinko, for example, players have to catch balls that run over a machine in order to win prizes. Online Mahjong requires players to fill in tiles for prizes against a computer or other online player. In the online version of Sic Bo, players roll the dice and win prizes for landing on winning combinations. These and other examples show that gambling has a long tradition in Asia. In addition to traditional western games, many gambling sites and casinos offer a selection of online Asian online casino games such as pachinko, mahjong, and sic bo. In the following you will learn more about the most popular Asian online gambling games.


Originally from Japan, Pachinko is a popular Asian game of chance that can be found in casinos. In Pachinko online, players shoot balls into a machine. These then roll through a dense forest of pins. The player must catch as many balls as possible with the pens in order to win prizes.


Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game in which four players sit at a table. In turn, the players move and discard sets of tiles per turn in order to merge four or five tiles. Typically, online mahjong players have to assemble complete tiles to win prizes while playing against the computer or real players. You can play mahjong online through gambling websites for fun or for real money.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is another popular casino game from China. Many casinos offer online versions of Sic Bo, where players roll three dice and receive payouts for certain outcomes. In the Sic Bo Online game, players roll a computerized set of dice and win prizes for landing on winning combinations of dice.

Asian themed slots

In addition to the classic table games, many high-quality slots also have their origins in the Asian continent. Players looking to play Asian online casino games will find plenty of choice on most gambling sites. Asian games like Sic Bo, Mahjong, Pachinko, and others are popular options for players. In addition, online casinos often offer Asian themed slot machines with titles such as Bruce Lee Slot, Geisha Wonders Slot and Emperor’s Garden Slot. To play Asian slots with Far Eastern-inspired themes, take a look at our list of the best Asian slots.