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Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games because the game principle is so simple that it is popular with newbies. You either bet on the player or the bank. The dealer then places 2 cards face down on the table. The cards are now turned over one by one and the goal is to get as close as possible to the number 9. If a side (if a player has bet on it) is below 7 points, a third card can be drawn. If you get over 10 points, 10 will be deducted.

Learn Baccarat Online and Win Real Money! »How to play, rules and tricks

Card games have a long tradition and continue to fascinate us in the 21st century. The reason is quickly found: Many of them can be learned in the blink of an eye and yet can be initiated with countless strategies. Poker and blackjack are the best evidence – but baccarat is also aimed primarily at players who don’t just want to trust the reels and chance. You can influence your skills yourself and increase your chances of winning playfully if you know the rules inside out and know exactly about the loopholes in the calculation of probability.

By the way: did you know that baccarat is the favorite game of the world’s most famous secret agent? James Bond finds himself in a gambling establishment in almost every film, but he loves to pass the time at the baccarat table. The game has long since established itself in online casinos. As part of the standard program, it is available in almost every portfolio. Good for all interested parties who want to switch off and get their money’s worth without necessarily having to go to the nearest casino. The internet is just so much more comfortable and convenient. Online Baccarat – with the license to gamble!

This is why you should test baccarat online

Baccarat on the tram or at the breakfast table? The zeitgeist makes it possible! Ever since the card game arrived on the Internet, it has enjoyed a steadily growing popularity. Baccarat is now also open to those interested who do not feel like spending several hours in the casino – or for whom gambling houses simply do not offer the right charm, not to mention the lack of dealers. There are many reasons why you should play a round of baccarat today. Are you still not convinced? No problem, we will make you a fan in a few minutes!

No cloakroom! A well-known problem for players who insist on the weekly trip to the casino: where is the fine suit – and why is it not washed? In the online casino it doesn’t matter how you are dressed! You can even go to the virtual baccarat table in your bathrobe. The random number generator doesn’t care how finely or how neatly you have made yourself up!

No opening times! Early shift here, late shift there, in between, the kids want to be entertained. There is simply no time left to visit the casino! That is why you should play baccarat online, where you can manage your time yourself. The tables are open at 2 a.m. as well as at 4 p.m. You only want to play five minutes between the door and the angel? The cards are being dealt!

No limits! Game libraries adhere to strict requirements. The Federal Republic hopes to prevent gambling addiction, but rather hinders providers and players who know their limits. For many baccarat fans, the fact that only 500 euros per hour can be paid out for big wins is unacceptable for many baccarat fans. These limits do not apply to online casinos regulated within the EU. High rollers can let off steam and collect high profits as well as risk-taking bets.

Free rounds of tests! Would you like to test baccarat for free and work on a new strategy? Have fun in the casino – because that’s neither welcome nor possible! In the online casino, on the other hand, you can take your time, take notes and pull them out with every round. In addition, you are never obliged to make a real money bet. The fun mode is just as fun, but not quite as nerve-wracking.

This is how baccarat is played in online casinos

All casino games start the same: you set your stake! Even with baccarat you should keep in mind that there are no guarantees of success. So please only put a high stake in the scales if you can lose the money in an emergency! Unlike blackjack, there are three different ways to choose a bet. So you are forced to bet only on the player’s hand, i.e. your own. You can just as easily bet on the banker or even a tie! However, one element is identical: after two cards have been dealt, the only thing left to do is to match a certain eye value or to come closer than the other. However, this is not 21, but 9.

The counting structure is a bit peculiar. Aces are worth one point, cards 2 to 9 correspond to their value, the face cards (jack, queen, king) and the 10 are completely excluded from the calculation. In contrast to blackjack, the game is not over when you exceed the targeted 9 eyes. In this case, the tens is simply deleted! So if you have a 6 and 8 in your hand, 14 points are not evaluated, but only 4. In this case, it could be worthwhile to take a third card in hand. The player whose hand can be bet on has this option.

Online baccarat betting options

Baccarat is attributed to high society, which in retrospect is arguably one of the reasons why writer Ian Fleming associated his secret agent with baccarat of all places. The betting options adapt to the usual idea: the lower the probability of landing a hit, the higher the potential payout if the tip occurs. Long-time players know this fact from roulette, among other things. The tip on a single number is accompanied by a high payout, with a color the bet is only doubled.

Bet on the player: Every casino fan knows that the house edge in a casino can never be reversed. Thus, the players are at a disadvantage in every round. But don’t worry: it is comparatively small! The probability of the player’s success is just under 50 percent. So bets are definitely worth it! The payout is 1: 1.

Bet on the bank: An old saying goes that in the end the bank always wins. And if we look at the horrific number of game libraries in Germany, there is also something to it. In baccarat, however, you can at least bet on the croupier! He will win more often than the player’s hand anyway. Unfortunately, therefore, the profits are also minimized. Payment is made according to the 19:20 principle. Or 1: 1 with a commission of 5 percent.

Bet on a tie: Of course, a tie can also occur in Baccarat. It’s just not very likely. After all, the payout is appropriate for this! If you predict a correct tie, the payout is 8: 1 or 9: 1 depending on the casino and the way you play. If you have risked 10 euros, you will be happy about the equivalent of 80 or 90 euros. It is easy to overlook the fact that there is rarely a tie.

That’s what the third card is all about

The third card can be a strategic advantage in baccarat. However, it may only be played on certain occasions:

– The hand of the croupier or player shows 5 or fewer eyes.
– If the total number of points is 2, the bank automatically draws again regardless of a potential third card from the player.
– If the total score is 3, the dealer draws again if the player’s third card is not an 8.
– If there is a 4 in hand, the dealer picks up a third card if the player’s third card is not 0, 1, 8 or 9.
– If the dealer hits a 5, the player does not have a 4, 5, 6 or 7.
– On the 6 he draws if the player’s third card is 6 or 7.
– If there is a total of 7 eyes, the dealer foregoes a third card. His chances of success are high enough.

If beginners take a similar approach, they have a good chance of learning the game and taking in one or two wins at the same time. In baccarat it depends entirely on how well you know and assess your cards.

Tips for those new to baccarat

Practice, practice, practice! There’s no shame at all if you get along rather poorly than well in the first few rounds. It is more important that you stay on the ball, deal with the rules and gain experience! Before you know it, Baccarat is one of your favorite games. As part of the free rounds, you can easily find out whether you have understood everything and maybe you can play without aids. If not, just keep training. After that, it’s only a matter of time before you get your first big win.

Always bet on the bench! Every beginner is well advised to play it safe in the first few rounds. It is not even necessary to gamble high or to constantly hope for a draw in order to enjoy the greatest possible success. First of all, it is simply a matter of sharpening your feeling for the respective hands and carefully examining how the dealer is doing. What fits better than if you bet on him at the same time? The percentage chances of success alone ensure that you have won on average every second hand. Off to a good start!

Don’t get greedy! You won a lot of money and could hug the whole world? Well, that’s better than risking that amount right away in the hope of an even bigger win! Enjoy success, but don’t get too greedy. There is a good chance that you will gamble away your stake again. That doesn’t help anyone! Security also comes first in baccarat.

Play baccarat in the live casino

As nice as it is to look at the excellent pixel conversions of Baccarat: Sometimes it can be a round with a human and trained dealer! If the next casino is too far away, we recommend a detour to the live casino. That is becoming more and more fashionable and is now offered by almost every provider. What about the live dealer games? Very simple: You will be transferred to a casino via webcam and after only a few seconds you will see how a real croupier deals out the cards and asks for stakes. Just like in the noble casino! And that even though you are sitting comfortably in front of the computer and have not even taken off your sweaty work sweater.

Live casinos are rightly considered the trend of the hour. You can play baccarat without having to forego the ambience of a Vegas casino. After a few seconds you will feel like the proverbial king – and you will get your money’s worth just as quickly. The rules remain the same. You place your bets using your mouse and keyboard and then wait for Fortuna to be at your side. If you had a good nose, your bankroll increases. It becomes even more pleasant if you can communicate with fellow players on the side. However, English skills are urgently required. To date, only a few online casinos offer baccarat with German-speaking dealers.

Baccarat FAQ - Questions and Answers

Baccarat players will quickly find that their new hobby is quite demanding. However, this is by no means meant negatively. After the many bets that have been played out, we keep hearing from readers who even while falling asleep are working on strategies to leave the goddess of luck behind. As in poker, baccarat can be internalized, but never really learned. You will always stumble upon new facets that have so far remained hidden from you. In the same way, questions will always remain unanswered. Baccarat is constantly evolving with online casinos. Standstill, monotony and boredom are impossible! We have tried to answer further questions – and are also giving you a no deposit bonus!

Is online baccarat even legitimate?

Yes – if you play at the right online casinos! The virtual gaming industry is bigger and more secure than ever. Due to the great competition alone, no provider is interested in saving on seriousness and transparency. Otherwise interested baccarat players will look for other online platforms! We recommend Internet game libraries that hold a gaming license within the European Union. We have had good experiences with providers from Malta and Gibraltar. However, you can also play online baccarat at gambling companies that are regulated in Schleswig-Holstein. The state has opted for a special route and legalized online gambling. Fast deposits and withdrawals, transparent repayment rates and officially approved Baccarat variants are guaranteed!

Can online casinos cheat me?

While you can keep an eye on the croupiers in the casino, some trust is necessary in the online casino. With the exception of the live casino, baccarat is based on a random generator that spits out the various card values and simulates the dealer at the same time. There is no question that beginners are wondering whether things are right at all. The answer is short and sweet: Yes, it works! The regulated online casinos are regularly checked by experts in order to prove fairness and transparency. The other way around, it is just as impossible for you to exert an influence on the technique. So it is by no means worth thinking of a fraudulent strategy. All the money that can be generated with such help is, as soon as the security hole has been filled, canceled and deleted, perhaps even brought to the attention of the public.

Does baccarat work on smartphones, mobile phones and tablets?

Smartphones determine our everyday life more than ever. We simply use the small devices for everything, so we want to be able to gamble at any time. Good news: it is possible! The portfolios of mobile casinos are usually a bit smaller. In most cases, however, Baccarat can also be opened on the narrow device while on the move. You are free to initialize online baccarat on the tablet. Transactions are just as quick as the transfer of all profits. After a short period of familiarization, the small screen and handling also prove to be very familiar. The fun is completely identical to the evening in the casino.

Baccarat, Blackjack or Poker?

Aspiring players can feel overwhelmed by the great variety in the online casino. So it makes sense to specialize in a card game and learn it from scratch. However, we don’t believe in comparing games of chance like baccarat, blackjack and poker with one another. As part of the free trial rounds, you will find out for yourself which game suits you best and which leads to the greatest profits. In addition, you shouldn’t even insist on committing yourself to only one of the three card games. Who knows what you’re missing out on with the other two! Online casinos live from a broad portfolio that offers the right games for every taste.

Is there a baccarat bonus?

Nowadays it is no longer mandatory to only risk equity. Even far away from the trial rounds, which work without money or risk, online casinos regularly outperform themselves in terms of the promotions they offer. Obviously we want to benefit from these exemplary measures too. At casino-online.de we offer you a lucrative no deposit bonus! You collect 10 euros for just registering in an online casino. Without any inactivity fee or similar nonsense, of course. You can use the tens to play baccarat, but just as easily try out slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker or craps. We have collected all the information for you on our website!