12 Bingo games for free | Play online casino games for free


  • Bingo bonanza
    Bingo bonanza
  • Bingo classic
    Bingo classic
  • Electro bingo
    Electro bingo
  • Extra bingo
    Extra bingo
  • Mayan bingo
    Mayan bingo
  • Pharaoh bingo
    Pharaoh bingo
  • Pop bingo
    Pop bingo
  • Rainforest magic bingo
    Rainforest magic bingo
  • Samba bingo
    Samba bingo
  • Sassy bingo
    Sassy bingo
  • Super bonus bingo
    Super bonus bingo
  • Sweet alchemy bingo
    Sweet alchemy bingo


Online bingo games are growing in popularity. They are available in numerous variants, such as Halloween Bingo, Quingo Bingo, Keno and Las Vegas. Here you will find an abundance of free bingo versions with excellent graphics and technical implementation. They remind you of excitement and fun at home, at school or in the casino. In the following you can find out more about modern online bingo games.

This is how bingo works

The idea for the bingo game originally came from Spain. Today, however, the game is particularly popular in the Philippines and the USA. When playing bingo, you get a card with different numbers printed on it. Then random numbers are called up, which you compare with the numbers on the slip of paper. If an existing number is mentioned, you mark it on your ticket. Whoever was able to mark all five numbers in a horizontal or vertical row wins and announces this with the call “Bingo”.

Play bingo online

The game of bingo is so popular in some places that entire bingo halls have been set up where big prize money is played. The game was also adapted for television broadcasts. You can now play bingo anywhere on your smartphone or other mobile device. In online casinos and online game providers you will find a large selection of different bingo variants. What they all have in common is that you can look forward to a lot of excitement and fun.

Modern bingo versions

You can play the modern online bingo versions against computer-generated opponents or against real opponents. They convince with a stylish graphic and a classic sound, so that a real casino feeling arises. This is especially true for Las Vegas bingo. But seasonal adaptations, such as Halloween Bingo, also come up with creative and funny graphics. Some versions, like Quingo Bingo, offer fascinating extras and prizes.

Bingo and keno

Keno is one of the most famous bingo variants that are played mainly in Asia. You bet on certain numbers or number sequences between one and 80. Then 20 numbers are drawn and called. The prize money depends on the number of hits and the size of the stake per round. Keno was developed in China. Legend has it that the lottery game was invented to finance the Great Wall of China. Online casinos and online game providers offer a wide range of different versions of Keno that can be played for fun with virtual money or real money. They convince with a Far Eastern flair and a harmonious soundscape. Discover modern bingo and keno games for smartphones and other mobile devices now.