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Craps is an American dice game of chance. In the meantime, however, it is also widespread in Europe and is also enjoying increasing popularity in this country. Craps is offered in selected casinos, but especially in online casinos. The advantage of this dice game is that the players do not bet against each other, but collectively against the casino. This possibility grants a permanent and real chance of winning. It should also be mentioned that some casinos offer a bonus on this game. However, the payout percentages can vary within the casinos.

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Craps, sometimes known as Craps Shooting or Seven Eleven, has established itself as one of the most popular games of chance of all time in the United States. In Europe, however, it is currently still a niche existence. That’s going to change! Since online casinos jumped on the craps train, the game of dice has also enjoyed growing popularity in Germany. After learning the rules, more and more participants hope to gain a strategic advantage. We would like to accommodate both prospective and experienced experts: We not only go into gameplay and tips, but also offer a no deposit bonus that fills your user account with 10 euros as soon as you have registered it!

This is why you should play online craps

Each of our readers should spend at least one evening in the regional casino. Charm and atmosphere speak for themselves – and guarantee good entertainment with a realistic prospect of great success! It is clear, however, that very few players have the necessary time reserves to be able to get involved in their hobby on a regular basis. Work and family life is stressful enough. In addition, it is not that easy to always pay attention to opening times or to have the right wardrobe ready to hand. If you want to play craps without having to prepare yourself extensively, we would be more than happy to recommend the online casino. The fun is identical, so are the chances of winning! Even at the pixel implementations, you will quickly cheer for your first success.

The Internet game libraries have made a big leap forward in the last few years alone. What once began as a barely recognizable mash of pixels has now become a billion-dollar industry. The different online craps variations look realistic, are accompanied by an authentic soundscape and pay out immediately when you have won a win. After just a few seconds, you will no longer feel as if you are just sitting at the computer. Your options are the same as in the casino. You set your stakes, place your bet – and after a short moment you know whether you can look forward to a credit. Without any other players, the rounds go quickly over the stage. You can fill your budget several times in just one minute!

The fact that so many online casinos are vying for your attention may seem overwhelming at first, but you will benefit in full. After all, the providers are working harder than ever to inspire every craps player in the long term. Don’t be afraid to stop by the competition and find the best Internet implementations! In addition, you can, by the way, repeatedly collect a craps bonus.

How is online craps played?

Craps could seem complicated to a beginner. But especially players who have already let off steam at the roulette table correctly estimate that the first impression is deceptive. As confused as the tableau looks, the basic facets of the game of the kettle are internalized after a few moments.

Online craps is played with the same set of rules that is the order of the day in terrestrial casinos. Anyone who has already gained experience can immediately throw it into the balance at a profit. In the meantime, we advise beginners and newbies to use the free fun mode for the time being. In that they gamble exclusively with play money, without financial risk and the chance of losing money due to ignorance. Real money should only be risked when there are no more questions about how to play. Better safe than sorry!

The basics

The aim of the game of craps is to either defeat the dealer with the correct total or, as in roulette, to make a correct prediction. Depending on the probability of success, the payout is then calculated. The round begins with the participating players setting their stakes. The usual standards apply: Those who risk a lot can gain a lot – but also lose everything just as quickly! We therefore recommend that you only take risks that you can easily bear to lose. No winnings are guaranteed when gambling. It doesn’t matter how much experience has been gained or how good your own approach may be.

The player whose turn it is is called the shooter. He sets the two dice in motion and can possibly be richer for a cash win just a moment later. The following options can appear on the first throw:

– If the shooter hits either 7 or 11 points with the pair of dice, it is considered a natural. He wins immediately and either plays the dice again without accepting the stake, or he passes them on to the participant sitting on his right. Since 7 is the most frequently hit number statistically, the chances of winning are good for both beginners and experts.

– The exact opposite occurs with the so-called crap. If the player gets the improbable numbers 2, 3 or 12, the bank wins. He can neither accuse the defeat with a special rule nor put it into question in any other way. Unlike in roulette, there are no exceptions in which the loss is halved.

– All other numbers describe a point. If 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 eyes are hit, the shooter is stopped to set the dice in motion a second time. Up to this point, neither he nor the bank won. However, stochastics now favor the dealer.

On the second throw, the rules of craps differ slightly. Now the litters are rated as follows:

– The shooter wins the bet if he repeats his point. For example, if he triggered it with 6 eyes, he must now roll them again if he wants to end the round successfully.

– In contrast to the throw, the bank now hopes that the most likely number 7 is covered. If this happens, the dealer wins – and with him every participant who has bet on him.

– The dice roll again if neither the point nor the 7 is rolled. On average, each round takes about three to four throws until the outcome has been clearly determined.

The betting options

Craps is available in countless online casinos. Since the implementations come from different software teams, the bets offered may differ from one another. We go into the most popular bets and explain how good your chances of winning are!

Pass: You believe that the shooter will win with his throw? Then you should immediately bet with Pass that he will hit either a natural or two points. The chances of success are 49.29 percent. The bank retains a minimal house edge of just 1.41 percent. Pass is twice as lucrative as a simple bet in roulette!

Don’t Pass: Here you bet on the exact opposite! You hope the bank takes advantage of it and wins the game. The probability of your success is 49.30 percent. In many online casinos, the bet is paid out at 1: 1, like the pass, so your stake is doubled. However, it could be that certain providers withhold a small commission, such as with Baccarat.

Come: Similar to the pass bet, however, Come is only concluded when the round is already running. You are effectively betting that the player will hit the 7 or 11, which is a natural. Completely independent of the fact that even in this case it is no longer of any use. The bank advantage with this bet is also only 1.40 percent.

Don’t Come: Don’t Pass is the exact opposite of Pass, Don’t Come is the opposite of Come. If the round goes into at least the second throw, you win with a payout ratio of 1: 1 if the shooter hits either 2 or 3 – or the game ending 7 before the come point. The only exception: a tie is scored on the number 12. You win when the shooter loses!

Odds Bets: These bets can be placed without a house edge. Players commit to certain sums of money that are offered at fair odds. Odds bets are possible on the sums 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. The payout corresponds to the probability. For example, totals 6 and 8 are offered with odds of 6: 5, while totals 10 are offered at 2: 1.

Preposition bets: Here, too, you decide that a certain number is covered. For example, the bank advantage with Field (a bet on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12) is only 5.6 percent.

Place Bets: Before the Come Out Roll, you are free to place a quick bet before the 7 is hit. As with the odds bets, the sums 6 and 8 are particularly recommended.

Buy bets: Same as place bets, but with better payout percentages. The catch: the bank keeps a commission of five percent. The buy bet is worthwhile compared to the place bet for sums 4 and 10.

Lay bets: The opposite of buy bets, as you are betting that the 7 will be hit before the total wagered. Lay 4 and 10 pay if the bank advantage of 2.4 percent with the probability of winning 2: 3.

Online craps on smartphone, mobile phone and tablet

Online casinos are leading the way and have continued to adapt to the zeitgeist. So it’s no wonder that it is just as easy for you to start online craps on your mobile phone. So you are neither dependent on the next best casino nor on a desktop PC or notebook. Although the handling on the smaller screens may be a bit adventurous, you soon got used to it. Those who type on their smartphones regularly will find their way around quickly and can place their bets on online craps whenever they can connect to the Internet. With many gambling platforms it is no longer even necessary to download an app. Players play comfortably in the browser and have the games initialized after a handful of seconds.

Craps, wherever you feel like playing craps – how good does that sound? And it is true in the truest of the word. Since you have your smartphone to hand at all times and in many cases a WiFi connection is established, you are free to put the online game through its paces around the clock. Perhaps you are bored during your lunch break, or you want to play a quick round before you go home, so that you then have more time for the kids. It doesn’t matter whether you only play online craps for five minutes or you spend hours with your hobby because your partner and offspring are out of the house. You play craps without opening hours and choosing the right clothes – even at midnight or while relaxing in the bathtub on a Sunday.

Online Craps FAQ - Questions and Answers

Don’t worry if the rules seem a little too complicated to you at first. Once you’ve tried craps, you’ll quickly fall in love with the dynamic and extremely diverse game of chance. We know from our own experience that it is worthwhile to come to the virtual table on a regular basis and bet on the dealer or player. Every round has its own individual tricks – regardless of whether you are setting the dice in motion yourself or are just hoping that the result you typed will occur. We also know that after reading our tips and tricks, questions may remain unanswered. That is why we would like to answer them at this point!

Is online craps safe and transparent?

How can I actually know that I am not being cheated in online craps? This thought seems almost mandatory, thanks to the software implementation it is never entirely clear whether the random number generator works at all or does not produce a predetermined result. However, we can give the all-clear: In online casinos that are licensed in the European Union or even in Schleswig-Holstein, the technical subtleties are continuously checked by independent experts. Just as many companies issue the permanences in roulette, you are welcome to make a note of which numbers are hit. You will quickly find that all values from 1 to 6 occur with an identical probability! Online craps is safe, fair, transparent and serious.

Which strategy do I always use to win?

We would like to tell you that with craps you are changing your life in one fell swoop and can only win. However, the large number of reputable online casinos alone proves that this is not the case. They all exist because they are in the black and know how to use their house edge effectively. Namely, by continuously offering us the best and most lucrative games! There is no strategy that will help you succeed in craps for sure. The rules are also not designed to give players an advantage. Anyone interested should therefore keep in mind that craps is a game of chance. Say: It depends on Fortuna’s assistance. You will win a lot of money, but you can also lose just as much money. Fun, excitement and thrills are guaranteed throughout!

Can craps be played in the live casino?

Live casinos are the trend of the hour. Instead of going to the local casino, gamblers simply gamble at home with real dealers and croupiers! Live dealer games are now available in almost every online casino – even with a large portfolio, depending on the software developer. But while blackjack, roulette and baccarat are mandatory, there is often a lack of craps. Admittedly, it is a little more difficult to simulate a player throwing the dice. But it is not impossible! Accordingly, we hope to be able to delete this paragraph in a few months. Without a doubt, Craps belongs in every well-organized live casino! In proper style with a smooth webcam transmission, a trained dealer and the well-known chances of winning.

When will my winnings be paid out?

Even more important than winning real money is the payout. After all, you don’t just want to be happy about having defied the calculus of probability. You want to know the real money in your bank account at the same time! Online casinos strive to pay out the winnings as quickly as possible. Normally, the process and all the trimmings take around two to five working days. With the support of eWallets such as Skrill and Neteller, the process can be accelerated significantly. We advise you to verify your user account in good time. The providers thus ensure that only persons of legal age can register on the platform and that customers can easily be assigned to their transactions. If it is not possible to request a withdrawal, you may not have met the wagering requirements for potentially used bonuses.

How do I secure an online craps bonus?

… which brings us to the topic! The free rounds ensure a risk-free start. But the downside is self-explanatory: it is impossible to make real money with their help. If, on the other hand, you use a promotion, you are very much allowed to cash in a real money prize. You’re not shooting for free, but on the house! Based on the bonuses and promotions, you can see how serious a provider is in addressing new and loyal customers. For this reason alone, the bonus for the first deposit has become firmly established. It gets even better with a no deposit bonus, which is credited before a transaction. So that you can get to know Craps better, we have a special present in store for you. Thanks to casino-online.de you can start immediately with 10 euros free! The only requirement: You register a real money account – which of course does not come with any obligations.