Payment methods to deposit and withdraw in online casinos

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Even if gaming fun is gradually shifting to the Internet, the simplicity of visiting Spielo is the knockout criterion for many people interested in gambling. For long-time players in particular, throwing in the coins is simply part of a pleasant evening – not to mention the simple option of withdrawing money from the staff of the Spielothek in order to go straight back to the hunt for the Lucky to go.

The gaming industry has not always succeeded in entering the virtual world. Just two decades ago, online portals could hardly live up to their name. The games resembled pixel accidents, the majority of the providers were dubious – and incidentally, it also took several days until the bank transfer could be implemented and credited . The uncertain initial situation before the turn of the millennium even led some house banks to consistently refuse deposits in online casinos in order not to have to worry about frustrated players afterwards.

Fortunately, such worries and fears no longer exist today. Every online casino offers a multitude of safe and reputable options that will give you a quick start and pave the way to the jackpot ! To give you a good overview, we have presented all the relevant transaction options on our website so that neither wishes nor questions remain unanswered. By the way: It goes without saying that we only present the best online casinos on our platform!

Safe, reputable and transparent payment methods in the online casino

Gambling has established itself on the Internet and regulated itself . While in the old millennium it was still questionable whether players could encounter fair chances at all, there are now strict obligations and tests, which are often even carried out under the banner of the European Union . The state gambling commission overlook the transparent transactions and in this way ensure that no player has to worry negatively.

Most online casinos already score with the option of 40 different transaction options that cater to every taste. So it is entirely up to you whether you prefer to use a credit card, buy an anonymous prepaid card or even trust in the additional customer protection of an eWallet service provider. Depending on the desired method, you can start your first game within a few seconds and challenge the goddess of luck!

Deposit money with bank transfer and instant transfer

In other countries it is no longer the order of the day, but continues to be popular in German-speaking regions: the classic bank transfer. After a somewhat bumpy start, every player is free to fill out a traditional transfer form and hand it in to the nearest bank. In contrast to other methods, no third-party provider is required, and the speed has increased dramatically. The Sofort├╝berweisung cannot be compared with a pure bank transfer, but it is based on a similar foundation. True to its name, it only takes a few moments to connect and transfer the money.

What are the advantages of credit cards in online casinos?

The credit card has an identical, classic look. Nowadays there is no internet casino without guaranteeing users multiple options. For German users, at least Visa and MasterCard are usually activated . In selected cases, additional credit cards are available. The advantages and disadvantages are almost identical to the bank transfer – however, the money transfer is initiated faster . In contrast to other methods, it is optional to make a withdrawal to the identical credit card.

Transparent and secure: Skrill and Neteller

All online casinos that we can recommend offer Neteller and Skrill. No wonder, since the two eWallets are among the most popular transaction methods worldwide . A big advantage is the high anonymity that is guaranteed with both companies. The eWallet providers act as intermediary service providers, into which the money is deposited before it is credited to the online casino’s user account. Even if the personal data must be collected at the latest at the time of payment, doubtful interested parties can initially forego providing bank details or even credit card numbers. This information is protected by Neteller and Skrill.

Deposit with prepaid cards in the online casino

It wasn’t long ago that we charged our cell phones with prepaid cards in order to always have a secure overview of our finances . If the card was empty, a new one had to be bought before another phone call or SMS could be typed. With the Paysafecard, this method is also becoming popular in online casinos. Especially players who want to know exactly how much money they are risking benefit from never throwing unnecessary capital into the scales. The Paysafecard can be purchased at any petrol station and many kiosks . There is of course no payment to them.

PayPal casinos stand for security and reliability

PayPal undoubtedly occupies a special position among the eWallet service providers. Most new users swear by PayPal casinos only , as they are accompanied by additional security precautions . Particularly important: the former eBay subsidiary has its own customer protection , which is calculated at the expense of the casino and is available to the user for 45 days. Should a suspicion of misappropriation of the deposited funds prove to be true, the amounts can be refunded immediately. The PayPal employees undertake to prevent fraud and, in case of doubt, to take the side of the player.

Why doesn’t every online casino offer PayPal?

Resourceful players will notice that not every platform has PayPal integrated, although the third-party provider is known for its high level of customer protection. This is not because the operators are resisting allowing indirect influence. Rather, the PayPal superiors decided a few years ago to make basic cooperation with gaming providers more difficult . In the meantime, an individual test takes place, which can sometimes take a very long time. Online casinos that have a poker or sports betting platform at the same time enjoy the greatest and best opportunities.

Are online casinos dubious without PayPal?

Whether due to government regulations, the inability to make deposits and withdrawals with PayPal is anything but a broken leg. Nevertheless, the operators operate securely, seriously and transparently. The other transaction options may not offer the same good service, but work similarly flawlessly and risk-free. No user has to fear that his deposits and withdrawals will fail. On the contrary, he can rely on many high-quality alternatives that every casino now has in stock.

Which transaction method is the best?

As so often, your own taste decides! Since so many different methods are now available, it is entirely up to you how you want to deposit and withdraw your money. You can count on it around the clock to experience excitement, fun and thrills. The many portfolios guarantee gigantic payout rates – and prove time and again that the dream of the progressive jackpot can come true. As small as the chance may be, it is mathematically and in percentage terms. If you would like to receive further information, you can find it directly on our platform. Your registration in the online casino is then only a few clicks in the way!