Entropay deposits and withdrawals at an online casino

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If you are looking to make a deposit in online casinos, you will come across the term Entropay at some point. This payment method has become widespread, which is not least due to the many interesting peculiarities of Entropay. Almost all online casinos now offer deposits and withdrawals via Entropay, which is also popular with players around the world. But one thing is very clear: Entropay is not a conventional provider for online payments. Rather, the focus is on innovative ideas and creative solutions, which is already evident from the ingenious Entropay system. This is based on the principle of the virtual Visa card.

Use Entropay for online casinos

Of course it is now interesting to find out the exact principle of Entropay. If you want to use this payment option, you must first register with this provider. Of course, this requires some personal data. Once the registration is finally completed, the new customer immediately has a virtual Visa card. At this point, it makes sense to write down the most important data on this Visa card, as the relevant data is required for the deposit. The virtual Visa card can only be used if it has been loaded with an individual amount of money in advance. It can thus be said that the virtual Visa card is basically a so-called prepaid card. The special thing about it, however, is that the virtual Visa card is topped up at Entropay by credit or debit card. The following credit cards are accepted by Entropay:

– VISA Electron
– MasterCard
– Maestro
– Solo
– Delta

Entropay is therefore the perfect solution for making deposits in online casinos, especially for credit card holders. In this context, however, it should also be mentioned that Entropay charges a small fee for loading the virtual Visa card, so it is usually wiser to post higher amounts on the card. It is also possible to create several virtual Visa cards at Entropay.

Reasons for Entropay

Since topping up virtual Visa cards is associated with low costs, the question naturally arises as to why Entropay should be used as a deposit method. It can be said that this provider has various advantages:

– The credit card details are only passed on to Entropay, not to third parties
– fast, easy and secure transactions
– the highest security measures
– Immediate availability of the transferred amounts
– Payouts from online casinos possible on Entropay

It is already evident that the low fees for topping up virtual Visa cards can be accepted in view of the many advantages. In addition, withdrawals can of course also be made via Entropay, which by no means offers every deposit option. So it is worthwhile for every player in online casinos to take a closer look at Entropay and discover the special features. By the way, it should be mentioned that the term virtual Visa card is to be taken literally at Entropay. The holder does not receive a real Visa card, but only a virtual counterpart!