Giropay deposits and withdrawals at an online casino

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Anyone who has ever shopped on the Internet or made deposits in online casinos has certainly heard of Giropay. Nevertheless, it can be said that Giropay is nowhere near as well known as other payment methods. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth exploring. Basically, Giropay is a payment solution provider that significantly simplifies the so-called online transfer. This not only guarantees the highest level of comfort for the customer, but also a great deal of security for both parties. And it is precisely these advantages that make Giropay so interesting for online casinos.

Giropay as a deposit method

Of course, the first question that arises is how Giropay can be used for payments and how to proceed. Fortunately, no registration is required to use Giropay, which is a clear difference to other providers of payment solutions. The way it works is very simple. First of all, the Giropay payment method must be selected in the online casino. The player then decides which amount he would like to book on his casino account. Once this has happened, the transfer to Giropay is carried out. Once there, the player simply logs in with the usual bank details for online banking and confirms the already completed transfer via TAN number. Within a few seconds, the desired amount has been booked on the casino account and the game can begin.

Characteristics of Giropay

In addition to the simple processing of deposits in casinos, there is also a small drawback with this payment method. Payouts from the casino account to your own bank account cannot be made via Giropay. For this you need an account with Moneybookers, as most casinos only allow withdrawals to Moneybookers accounts when making deposits with Giropay. Accordingly, it is necessary to have an account with Moneybookers if Giropay is to be used as a deposit option. Nevertheless, this should not be a problem for most people, as withdrawals are of course also possible, which are made directly to the bank account. However, this usually takes several days.

Excellent conditions

Even if the Giropay payment method has its peculiarities, it can be said that using this payment method also has its advantages. In particular, the simplicity is a major advantage here. However, the uncomplicated use, the high level of security and the speed of the transactions can consistently convince. The bottom line is that the picture is quite competent and interesting for online gamers. The nationwide availability of Giropay ensures that deposits can be made in this way in almost every online casino, which is of course extremely advantageous. In addition, it should of course also be mentioned that Giropay can always be used free of charge. With Giropay, simple deposits and an instant game are the best prerequisites for hours of fun!