PayPal deposits and withdrawals at an online casino

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If you want to pay your order amount quickly and securely while shopping online, you can use PayPal. The company, which is a subsidiary of the US group eBay, is becoming increasingly popular for convenient online payments. After the one-time registration, all online payments can be made surprisingly quickly from home, and the buyer protection also protects users from fraudsters. You can now also pay with PayPal on the go.

Registration with PayPal

Before PayPal can be used to pay for online orders, the new member must register once with PayPal. A separate account is created in which the user can control his or her account movements. The PayPal account does not have a separate account number; the identity is verified via the e-mail address provided. You must also provide some personal data such as your name and address for registration. It is important to choose the password for the PayPal account, new users should attach particular importance to complex structures. The PayPal account is ready for use immediately after registration, but payments cannot yet be made.

Pay conveniently online with PayPal credit or PayPal direct debit

Anyone who spontaneously decides to set up a PayPal account while shopping online and pay for the current order via PayPal will quickly be taught better, after all, there is no credit in the new account after registration. The user has two options for convenient online payment via PayPal. On the one hand, the PayPal account can be topped up by bank transfer or credit card. After five days at the latest, the money should be credited to the account. PayPal can now be used for all payments on the Internet until the credit is used up and the PayPal account has to be recharged.
On the other hand, it is possible to give PayPal a direct debit authorization for an existing bank account. When ordering, all you need to do is register with PayPal with your own access data and confirm the bank account and the amount to be collected. However, this type of payment cannot be used immediately after registration either. First, PayPal checks whether the details of the specified account actually belong to the new member. For this purpose, PayPal transfers a small amount to the account, there is an individual code in the purpose. Before the payment can be made by direct debit, the user must confirm their account details by entering this code; this process can take up to four days.
If you want to pay with PayPal on the Internet for the first time, you should set up a PayPal account a few days before ordering online. All steps of the security and identity check are completed by the time the order is placed and payment can be carried out conveniently from home with just a few clicks.

The PayPal Buyer Protection

One advantage of using PayPal is the buyer protection, which protects buyers who pay for their order via PayPal from fraudsters. Buyers who have been betrayed can have their money refunded. PayPal has become known for its buyer protection. However, it is not easy to get the money back, since honest sellers must also be protected from fraudulent buyers. In order to be reimbursed, the buyer must provide complete evidence of the fraud and file a complaint; the repayment of the money can take a long time.

Receive money with PayPal

If you have a PayPal account, you can not only transfer money, but also receive it. But while there are no fees for registering and paying with PayPal, there are costs for receiving payments. The fees in Germany amount to a percentage rate of 1.9% and a flat rate of € 0.35 for every incoming payment. If you want to receive payments with your PayPal account, you should consider the fees to be paid before each transaction. However, bookings between private accounts via PayPal are now free of charge, provided the payment is made via credit or direct debit, when using a credit card there is a 1.9% fee.