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Classic Asian casino games are finding their way into more and more online casinos. This also applies to the old Chinese dice game Sic Bo. It is similar to Chuck-a-Luck and Craps and is characterized by easy-to-understand rules. In the following you will learn more about the exciting casino game Sic Bo.

The course of the game

Sic Bo is a table game with three dice. First you place your bet on one of the many possible combinations of dice on the table. Then the cubes are placed in a plastic cylinder and shaken vigorously. Then the result of a round will be announced. Depending on the number of points, several points on the table can be winners. You will receive the profit according to the payout table.

The stakes at Sic Bo

With Sic Bo you not only have the option to bet on the exact number of pips. Rather, you can bet on large numbers (11-17) or small numbers (4-10). This in each case at a rate of 2: 1. If you bet on large numbers, you will only lose if the total of the dice is below 11 or 18. If you bet on small numbers, you only lose if the total of the dice is over 10 or three. You also have the option of betting on even and odd numbers in Sic Bo. With this bet the chances of winning are even 1: 1.

The pay table at Sic Bo

When betting on the total number of dice in Sic Bo, the following paytable applies:

  • Sum four and 17: odds = 50: 1
  • Sum five and 16: odds = 18: 1
  • Sum six or 15: odds = 14: 1
  • Sum seven or 14: odds = 12: 1
  • Sum eight or 13: odds = 8: 1
  • Sum nine, 10, 11 and 12: odds = 6: 1

Single bets in Sic Bo

With a single bet in Sic Bo, you bet on the appearance of a certain number between one and six. If it appears on one of the three dice, the odds are 1: 1. If the number appears on two dice, odds of 2: 1 apply, and if it appears on all three dice, odds of 3: 1.

Triple and double bets

With Sic Bo you can make triple and double bets in addition to a single bet. In a triple bet, you bet on three of the same numbers. For example, all dice show three. A win rate of 24: 1 is then paid out. In a double bet, you bet that two of the three dice will have the same number. In this case the odds are 8: 1.

Strategies in Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game of chance, but there are some tried and tested strategies. The best chance of winning, similar to roulette, is when you bet on small and large or even and odd numbers. Double and triple bets are also very popular. Discover the Chinese dice game Sic Bo in leading online casinos.