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  • 1 can 2 can
    1 can 2 can
  • 100 joker staxx: 100 lines
    100 joker staxx: 100 lines
  • 108 heroes
    108 heroes
  • 108 heroes multiplier fortunes
    108 heroes multiplier fortunes
  • 11 champions
    11 champions
  • 1429 uncharted seas
    1429 uncharted seas
  • 2 million bc
    2 million bc
  • 2016 gladiators
    2016 gladiators
  • 2027 iss
    2027 iss
  • 24
  • 3 charms crush
    3 charms crush
  • 3 fruits win: 10 lines
    3 fruits win: 10 lines
  • 3 genie wishes
    3 genie wishes
  • 3 hit pay
    3 hit pay
  • 3 kingdoms battle of red cliffs
    3 kingdoms battle of red cliffs
  • 3 tiny gods
    3 tiny gods
  • 300 shields
    300 shields
  • 300 shields
    300 shields
  • 3888 ways of the dragon
    3888 ways of the dragon
  • 4 of a king
    4 of a king
  • 4 seasons
    4 seasons
  • 40 joker staxx: 40 lines
    40 joker staxx: 40 lines
  • 5 ages of gold
    5 ages of gold
  • 5 knights
    5 knights
  • 5 lions
    5 lions
  • 5 lions gold
    5 lions gold
  • 5 reel drive
    5 reel drive
  • 5xmagic
  • 7 monkeys
    7 monkeys
  • 7 piggies
    7 piggies
  • 7 sins
    7 sins
  • 777 royal wheel
    777 royal wheel
  • 7up!
  • 8 dragons
    8 dragons
  • 9 masks of fire
    9 masks of fire
  • 9 pots of gold
    9 pots of gold
  • A christmas carol
    A christmas carol
  • A dark matter
    A dark matter
  • A dragons story
    A dragons story
  • A tale of elves
    A tale of elves
  • A western tail
    A western tail
  • A while on the nile
    A while on the nile
  • Absolootly mad mega moolah
    Absolootly mad mega moolah
  • Absolute super reels
    Absolute super reels
  • Ace of spades
    Ace of spades
  • Ace ventura
    Ace ventura
  • Action ops: snow and sable
    Action ops: snow and sable
  • Adventure palace
    Adventure palace
  • Adventure trail
    Adventure trail
  • Adventures beyond wonderland
    Adventures beyond wonderland
  • Adventures in wonderland deluxe
    Adventures in wonderland deluxe
  • African legends
    African legends
  • African quest
    African quest
  • After night falls
    After night falls
  • Aftershock frenzy
    Aftershock frenzy
  • Age of conquest
    Age of conquest
  • Age of discovery
    Age of discovery
  • Age of the gods
    Age of the gods
  • Age of the gods epic troy
    Age of the gods epic troy
  • Age of the gods norse: gods and giants
    Age of the gods norse: gods and giants


One-armed bandit games and other slot machines are generally very popular. Thanks to the Internet, you now have the opportunity to visit an online casino with slot machines. Try your luck with Lucky Seven or one of the countless variations that the internet has in store for you! Take a seat at the virtual machine, operate the lever and wait for the correct combination on the screen.

Online slot machines - free and with real money

Slot machines are so popular that we stumble upon them almost everywhere. They want to be filled with stakes in rest stops, smile at us in the pub over a beer and are compulsorily available in every casino. There is something in us that literally draws us to the slot machines. Hardly anyone can escape its pull. Even citizens who have no affinity for gambling have played Book of Ra at least once in their lives and tried to turn the researcher from left to right into a payline. Who knows: You may now find a new opportunity to experience the hobby at its best. After all, online slot machines are the big number in every online casino

This is why you should play slot machines on the internet

Our life would no longer be imaginable without the Internet. It has become anchored in every area of ​​our day. So it goes without saying that we also want to get our money’s worth online and gamble extensively. While casual games are more popular than ever, the gambling industry has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. While it had a dubious reputation just a few years ago, the sheer gigantic competition alone ensured that black sheep were weeded out. Those who bet on online slot machines will find fair chances of winning, high payout rates and gaming fun that cannot be compared with anything else in the world. Online casinos show the industry at its best and score with countless advantages from which both beginners and experts benefit.

Unlike in the casino, how you want to enjoy gambling is up to you. Opening times, a suitable cloakroom, tips or fuel for the journey? All yesterday’s news. You simply relax on your computer, set a stake and set the slot in motion! Whether you wear slippers and a bathrobe or fancy thread, the random number generators are of very little interest. Employees will also not notice you if you want to tact and try out strategies. Those who no longer insist on the evening in the terrestrial casino will find the right alternative online for every taste and requirement. It really doesn’t surprise us that more and more casinos are complaining about a lack of customers!

Real money slots and the agony of choice

Online casinos have long outstripped gambling houses and casinos. And not least because the selection of individual online slots simply blows every limit of imagination. Sometimes over 1,000 different machines are waiting to be tried out by beginners and professionals and put through their paces. It is all too understandable that the overview is quickly lost. To keep our readers up to date, we looked at the various genres and subjected them to an extensive test. With this help, beginners can quickly narrow down which slot machines suit their taste and which representatives they should devote a little less attention to. Only your own expectations decide!

Fruit Slots

When newcomers to the art of gambling think of slot machines, the traditional fruit slots come to mind. Those are mainly classic one-armed bandits that refer to the early days of popular slot machine games. At the end of the 19th century, Charles August Fey, an emigrant from Germany, developed the first primitive slot. His Liberty Bell was followed by the productions of Sittman and Pitt, which added a lever to the gameplay. The fruit motifs had much more than a symbolic character. Since it was forbidden to withdraw real money in many states, the winners received fruit chewing gum, small snacks or a coffee for free instead. Many elements of that era can still be found in the casino today, although players are now allowed to add to their budget.

Don’t worry, by the way: Those who have got tired of the old-fashioned fruit vending machines will still find exciting representatives in the online casino. Because, of course, the software developers have not rested on their laurels. They brought the traditional slots into the 21st century, adapted them to the modern graphics and in some cases even wrote exciting bonus games for them. This also explains why companies such as NetEnt, Microgaming or Playtech have not stopped serving fruit slots for a long time. Beginners who have found their way to our website are advised to try fruit machines first. They usually have simple gameplay and high payout rates beyond the 95 percent limit. That doesn’t sound too old-fashioned, does it?

Video Slots

Slot machines have always evolved. Even in the past century, players did not want to see the same slots in front of them. Technology made a decisive leap forward after World War II at the latest. The old rattle boxes with the lever slowly but surely gave way to electromechanical devices that were much easier to use. The fact that they were temporarily still presented in the style of one-armed bandits can, in retrospect, be traced back to the habits of the players. Developers were probably afraid of scaring off customers who couldn’t get used to the newfangled technology. The buttons known today were only implemented many years later.

The advantages of video slots are also evident in online casinos. Because where the classic slots have to be serviced and irregularities can occur, the electromechanical implementations work like a German clockwork. They cannot be manipulated either in real life or in the online casino – and if they can, then only with the greatest effort and potential sources of error that could not be corrected quickly enough due to production defects. Video slots are still the trend of the day and provide entertainment at a high level. While the one-armed bandits have taken care of things, electronics are enjoying growing popularity. That’s good, because video slots underline that users can always rely on reliability and transparency.

Theme Slots

Anyone who deals with modern slot machines will find neither a starting point nor an end point. The many software providers are literally overturning themselves with creative ideas. Every modern production feels independent, has a storyline, individual motifs and different chances of winning. Video slots are far more than their name suggests. They combine themes, exciting gameplay and the quick prospect of great success. Theme slots are a sub-category of video slots, but – the name gives it – deal with different themes. The imagination knows no limits! There is nothing on the screen of a slot machine that is not there. Every idea, no matter how unbelievable, sooner or later was implemented for a slot.

Book of Ra is still one of the most popular slot machines among German-speaking players. No wonder: even before the first shoot, you feel as if you are going on an adventure hunt in ancient Egypt. In the role of the researcher, a mixture of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, they navigate their way through a pyramid – always in the hope of getting hold of the great riches of the pharaohs. The book of the sun god shows them the way as game and scatter. Games like Book of Ra have established themselves worldwide and have been copied by countless people. At the online slot, players travel into the past, into space or to exotic locations. They act as superheroes, space travelers or enjoy the animals and treasures beneath the surface of the sea. Themed slots have had a lasting impact on gaming and have changed it in a positive way.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Modern slot machines can be associated with the popular lottery game. The EuroJackpot and EuroMillionen game styles that are popular in Germany allow the dream of winning the main prize several times a week. There are 90 million euros and 190 million euros respectively in the balance. Provided that in the weeks and months before no participant was able to crack the jackpot. Progressive jackpot machines come into play at precisely this point. They are offered for sale in numerous online casinos, provided with an all-encompassing profit and can spit out a six- or even seven-figure amount every second. As with the lottery, the winnings increase continuously until they are paid out to a lucky player at some point.

Although the progressive slots seem very modern, their development took place before the turn of the millennium. At that time, the bright minds of Microgaming were looking for a way to make players with even greater profits aware of their own skills. Progressive machines are now the absolute standard. They are offered in almost every online casino – often in different variants. Slots like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune or Hall Of Gods are considered good form and have crowned many players with unexpected winnings. Access to the main prize is linked either to certain stakes, playing with the maximum risk or to reaching the bonus rounds. It is advisable to click on the info or paytable button beforehand. All relevant details are recorded!

Mobile Slots

Of course, mobile slots are not really a category that separates itself from the other genres in a noteworthy way. But since players are increasingly relying exclusively on their mobile devices, it is necessary to introduce those slot machines that can also be started on smartphones, mobile phones or tablets. Because they are far from all! First and foremost, contemporary theme slots have been adapted to the mobile market. They adapt to the small screen completely. The handling may seem a bit strange within the first few spins, but it is easy to learn and just a matter of habit. Then the mobile machines reveal their charming side. They are available at all times and guarantee the chance of winning real money even when you are on the go.

Their functionality does not differ from their equivalents from the desktop offer. That means: chances of winning, paylines, possible uses – almost everything remains identical! In addition, the providers ensure that all functions can be accessed away from the slots. Thus, every user is free to use bonuses and promotions or to make deposits and withdrawals. With particularly current online casinos, it is no longer even mandatory to initiate a download. It is sufficient to call up the offer in the browser, log in and look through the range of games. The fact that there are often only around 100 individual mobile slots to choose from does not prove to be a nuisance in view of their diversity. In addition, new productions are automatically adapted to the smartphone zeitgeist.

Can online slots be tested for free?

Even if slot machines are basically based on a very manageable set of rules, newbies could feel overwhelmed. Wild, scatter, free spins, bonus rounds – what has long been a problem for long-time gamblers sounds like Bohemian villages to beginners. So there is no question that they first try to get to know the gameplay and internalize the various tricks. At best, as part of free trial rounds, in which you can gamble without risk and throw money into the scales. Good news: You can do just that 24/7! Almost every online casino offers a fun mode. The providers know very well that they are not only addressing experts who have long understood how the various games work.

The slot machine free trial mode has no disadvantages. So players do not fear being able to overlook small print information, which then obliges them to play a real money slot machine. It is entirely up to you whether you feel ready to play for real money. The free spins happen under realistic conditions. Modern software developers do not need to increase their chances of winning in order to fool would-be players into false facts. Even with the free rounds, not every spin results in a success. As is so often the case, happiness and unhappiness alternate continuously. Online slots are after all part of the game of chance and make this fact clear for both play and real money.

Play online slot machines with real money

Have you gained enough experience and ready to pursue a life changing profit? Then you should immediately register, deposit money and open the slot of your choice. As part of the free spins, you must have stumbled across your new favorite. Spins for real money can undoubtedly be seen as the supreme discipline. Again, it’s up to you in which way you want to challenge Fortuna! No casino will force you to plunder your holiday budget or even put your reserves at risk. You can play poker with small amounts of money at any time and enjoy the quick wins that come with your support. Even cents can be increased to 140 or 150 euros in additional modes such as the ladder game. Depending on the software developer and luck!

Even though we primarily write about high winnings, we would like to point out to our readers in great detail that they should exercise caution when playing real money games. There are no guarantees of certain success. No matter how high the payout rate may ultimately be, it can never be assumed that the bankroll will increase. Every spin can result in a loss of money. We strongly recommend keeping this thought in mind. No player should believe on a lucky streak that they can just bet a high four-digit amount and turn it into a million dollar in no time at all. The probability that this will happen is very low. Real money rounds yes – but always with caution!

The best tips and tricks for online slot machines

Slot machines enjoy such an excellent reputation because they are easy to understand and have fair permanences. So it rarely takes longer than two or three spins for the first of many wins to appear. Despite the numerous successes, beginners hope to be able to unhinge the game system. They are looking for strategies that will make Fortuna automatically lose and fill their bankroll without risk. Unfortunately, we have to confront you with a sad truth: Of course, there is no tactic that garnishes every spin with a hit. It is also not worth thinking about fraudulent scams. If winnings are generated with them, they are just as quickly canceled, perhaps even brought to the notice. With payout rates of over 95 percent, no illegal tricks are necessary! Nevertheless, we give our readers a few tips on the way.

Learn and understand the rules! Sure: The basic game elements remain the same in 99 percent of modern slot machine games. Players set their stakes, set the number of paylines and spin the reels. But every slot has its own specific characteristics. Newer publications are already using winning combinations instead of paylines – many slot machines also have creative and unique bonus functions. At best, players should know what to expect before the first spin. This is the only way to put a strategy in place and gain insight into the risk.

Don’t force profits! As nice as it would be to generate one hit after the other and burst your credit account: It won’t happen! Those who bumble too much on the big success are more likely to set a downward spiral in motion. It gets even worse when players bet everything on one card during a losing streak and risk a high stake because they expect to make up for all losses in one fell swoop. Our tip: Better not do it! If Fortuna is not on your side, you should just end the evening. On another day you can win again in a playful way.

Use bonuses and promotions! Online casinos show themselves regularly with promotions. This is how they reward loyal or new players. We have negotiated an interesting deal on the website casino-online.de: We are giving you a 10 euro bonus without deposit so that you can look forward to real money winnings for free! If you also meet the wagering requirements for your winnings, nothing stands in the way of the first payout.