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Poker is one of the most popular card games and is a very popular game of chance. Video poker has the advantage that it is easy to understand that the rounds sometimes only last a few seconds and you can find it in an incredible number of places. With the help of a well thought-out strategy and mental tricks for mutual manipulation, you can even minimize the luck factor in the long run. However, video poker is still very different from normal poker. If you want to see the difference, you have to experience it yourself and try video poker once.

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Poker is without a doubt one of the most popular card games of all time. It is aimed at players who operate strategically and want to be mentally ahead of their opponents. Because that’s exactly what counts! While their own hand plays a subordinate role, some participants have won the pot because they confused their teammates at the right moment with a supposedly surprising bluff – even though they only had one high card in their hand. But the card game is far from the end of the poker flagpole. On the contrary: video poker has become an integral part of the world’s casinos! The number of players who fall in love at first sight and drive their budget up is growing every day.

In contrast to poker, video poker leaves out any interaction or conflict. Instead of having to grapple with opponents, players only duel with the bank. So it doesn’t matter whether you have an iron face or you can see right through your opponent. The focus is solely on your own hand, which, the better it is, ensures a high payout. The strategic idea does not fall by the wayside. In video poker, too, you will have to learn a lot before you can rely on regular winnings! Luck is one thing, a good eye for potential combinations is another.

Have you tasted blood and want to know what the electronic card game is all about? Then you are exactly right with us! We explain the rules and the most popular ways of playing to you and at the same time invite you to a no deposit bonus.

That's why you should try online video poker today

Video poker enjoys great popularity because it is not only easy to understand and the rounds sometimes only last a few seconds, but also because video poker machines are standard in most casinos. Even in game shops and rest stops, there are more and more different video poker variants that pay off well and guarantee a thrill in between. Nevertheless, we generally advise you to jump on the online train. That changed casinos from the ground up and enriched them with countless positive factors. The fact that only a few casinos do without video poker is just one of many advantages for adventurers who want to participate in their hobby far away from slots, roulette and blackjack.

You’ve probably felt like playing a round several times – be it during your work break, after lunch or to relax before a stressful family outing. But of course it is hardly possible to slip into the chic suit without further ado, drive to the possibly distant casino and wrestle with Fortuna for five minutes. On the other hand, it works online! You decide when you want to play, with how much money and which strategies. The suit stays in the closet, the way to the gas station is left out for the time being. Even the portfolio is no comparison: online you will stumble across numerous video poker variations that are just waiting to be tested extensively by you. You should take this chance!

A deposit is made quickly. You can choose from among other things credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard, eWallets such as Neteller, Skrill and PayPal or prepaid cards such as the PaysafeCard. Since the lower limit is usually limited to 10 euros, you are never forced to transfer 100 euros immediately without even being able to know whether the respective provider has your best in mind! If you want, you can get started right away and start your hobby. Whether five minutes or five hours is up to you!

This is how online video poker works

Beginners might think that knowing the common rules of poker plays into their hands. However, this is only partially true. If you are the winner at the table on a regular basis, that does not automatically mean that you will also be successful at video poker. Even players who simply do not want to succeed in the poker face have no disadvantages to fear. Video poker is a game of its own, with its own rules and strategies that differ from poker. Regardless of how often you’ve bagged the pot: You can’t avoid examining the video poker rules. Only if you even know what to do can you effectively achieve uncomplicated cash profit.

The only noteworthy advantage that long-time poker fans have: They know the value of the respective hands! Because after the players have determined the stake, video poker is also about being able to show the best possible hand – but neither poker face nor blinds play a role. In the usual variant of Five Card Draw, the highest winnings await when players hold a royal flush in their hand. A pair of two, on the other hand, is unlikely to be rewarded with a payout. We’ll look later at which game variants might best suit your taste! Video poker is very diverse and individual.

When the round starts, the player is given five virtual cards. Now he can choose to switch hands or keep part of the cards. The “Hold” function here does not refer to keeping the bet, but corresponds to the cards that – according to the pure translation – are to be held in the hand. If you have chosen, the discarded values ​​rotate again. As soon as the cards have been exchanged once or twice, depending on the variant, bills will be settled. Usually a pair of jacks is enough. But the better the hand, the higher the compensation. The house edge is sometimes only 0.46 percent.

Play video poker without a download in the online casino

Although online casinos have been causing a sensation since the nineties, they have revolutionized themselves several times in terms of technology. Anyone who would still be confronted with a casino from before the turn of the millennium could hardly believe the tools with which providers tried to help each other back then. Since fast internet connections were still a futuristic dream, the games hardly looked like their real counterparts – just as Pong can by no means be compared to FIFA, although both games are part of the sports genre. Since browsers had the habit of crashing often without warning, the providers offered apps that first had to be downloaded.

Even today there are online casinos that offer a download. However, they are no longer represented too numerous. If you want to play video poker, your browser is all you need! Whether Opera, Safari or Firefox: As long as a solid internet connection can be established, no problems arise. Your prize money will be transferred quickly and the games will be initialized just as quickly. We probably don’t even have to talk about the graphical subtleties! Video poker looks very authentic in the online casino and gives the feeling that you are in a real casino and are tossing a coin into the slot. Video poker without download and installation – the fun can begin in a few seconds and ensure the first success!

These are the most popular video poker games

When beginners first look at video poker, they will be amazed. You won’t just find one way of playing, but several. As with roulette or slot machines, it is a wise decision to use a bonus or at least free test spins beforehand. After all, no player is helped if he rushes into a gambling adventure carelessly only to notice a day later that another variant suits his taste much better.

The best known and most popular way of playing around the world is called Jacks or Better . To make it easier for casino fans to get started, the name already suggests what is expected of them. After the cards are shuffled, a payout is due if there are at least a pair of jacks in hand. If it wasn’t enough, the stake goes to the bank. It is important for every player to know before the first hand which hand he will take a profit with. We’ll teach you how the other video poker variants work!

Tens or Better : The name is similar to the Jacks or Better just described. With one small exception, the set of rules is almost identical. You get a win if you have at least a pair of tens in your hand! Since the chances of success are slightly higher, downwardly corrected multipliers are paid out for flushes, full houses and four of a kind.
Double Bonus Poker : On the basis of Jacks or Better, you will be rewarded particularly lucratively if you have four of a kind in your hand! This could be all cards with a value of 10. While four aces have the highest valuation, all other payouts come with smaller wins.
Aces and Faces : High cards preferred! You get good odds if you have at least one ace in your hand and can combine it with a face card, i.e. jack, queen or king. As in Double Bonus Poker, when you have four of a kind aces, you win big. The chance is small, the payout is huge.
Aces and Eights: Almost identical to Aces and Faces, but the eights and sevens also receive a strong appreciation of the potential winnings. For this, higher-quality hands are paid less, as successes are more likely anyway. Full house and flush bring you less money!
All American : They’re crazy, the Americans! At least they are very excited about reshaping traditions and considering players with different payout rates. With All American there is an upgrade for straight, flush, straight flush and four of a kind, but less money for a full house or three of a kind. Royal flush and pair are not affected.
Deuces Wild : If you primarily want to benefit from high chances of winning, this variant is recommended. This is because it is played with a joker, which, like the slot, functions as a kind of wild. All twos take the value of every other card to create the best possible hand. There can even be a quintuplet!
Joker Poker : Another variant that gives you a joker. It is simply shuffled into the 52 cards of the normal deck. Usually the game is based on Jacks or Better, but it can also be combined in other ways. Free trial laps will help you!
Double Joker Poker : Like Joker Poker, but with two designated wilds. The probability of making a winning hand increases immensely with 54 cards. For this it is again the payment to the collar.

Online Videopoker FAQ

For many players, online casinos have proven to be the ultimate as they are not associated with any constraints or obligations. There are no opening times or dress codes. It doesn’t matter how long players insist on their luck or how much money they want to throw in the scales. You have the upper hand and decide according to your own knowledge and conscience what to expect from your stay in the virtual casino.

This is exactly what they expect from video poker. Every player has the choice whether he just wants to deal with the current set of rules or if he wants to proceed with strategic thoughts. Nobody forces him to decide how to play! Accordingly, it is also clear that even after reading our website, questions will remain unanswered. We try to answer a few of them in our FAQ!

Is video poker better than poker?

While poker has established itself worldwide, video poker, despite its comparatively long history, is in some ways considered a casino underdog. Nobody at the regulars’ table would ask whether their counterpart likes video poker or knows about the known strategies. Is that just because poker is so much more fun and more sociable?

Well, in short, we don’t think too much of comparing the two games. Because as many parallels there are: There are just as many differences. The two game variants have their own advantages and disadvantages and thus appeal to different clientele. For players who have a good hand at poker and have their facial features under control, it may not be necessary to spend the evening in front of a video poker machine. The other way around, we know of many readers who prefer to be left alone and not worry about their habits. Both poker and video poker are a guarantee for nerve-wracking entertainment for us!

What is the maximum bet?

Game libraries and online casinos are similar in one aspect: the focus is on ordinary employees who enjoy fun in their free time and want to gamble for real money. They are not primarily interested in becoming a millionaire overnight. You would like to hope with small stakes to get hold of a profit, in order to be able to possibly forgive it for an evening in the pub. Most video poker machines in the online casino are also a paradise for low rollers. For example, risks of up to 10 euros per hand can be risked. The winnings adapt to the low stake. But don’t worry: of course there are also high roller slots that allow risks of 1,000 euros or more! However, since they are not offered in every casino, finding them could be a little more difficult.

Is video poker safe and transparent?

It’s an open secret that beginners in particular are afraid of being cheated in the casino. Perhaps they have seen Hollywood films of this kind or have had bad experiences in the past. But although video poker, unlike poker, for example, depends on random number generators and obvious fraud cannot be detected immediately, there is absolutely no reason to forego the entertaining card game. Especially when players take the necessary precautions.
We strongly advise against playing in online casinos that do not have an official license. Instead, whenever possible, gambling platforms that are regulated within the European Union should be supported. The commissions in Malta or Gibraltar have an excellent reputation. It gets even better with the almost 20 gaming providers that are checked in Schleswig-Holstein. In the right online casinos, video poker is safe, reputable and transparent!

What is the best video poker game?

The providers of the renowned online casinos strive to inspire their customers with great games. That is why there is not just one, but numerous video poker variants. We have already dealt with the different sets of rules. Again, it is entirely up to you which game you are following with the greatest interest! We personally like Aces and Faces and Tens or Better, but we don’t want to influence you. Maybe you have no luck at all with these styles of play! We can only recommend you to video poker free trial rounds use and gain an insight. After all, you can find out which video poker Fortuna is by your side, free of financial losses!

Is there a video poker bonus?

Speaking of free trial laps! It is even more interesting for our readers to pay attention to the many promotions. Online casinos know that they cannot be lazy. The competition is way too big! That’s why they hope to keep existing and prospective customers interested with bonus gifts. The first deposit is offset with percentages, which is now mandatory. If first-time customers deposit 100 euros, they will automatically receive another 100 euros for free, so they can hope for a big win with double the budget.